Our Vision for Education in Katanga

The Anglican Church of Congo aims to develop the three aspects of the person; the body, the heart and the spirit.
Our teaching is based on spiritual and ethical values of justice and freedom,  equality and respect for others, solidarity, democracy and the truth.
We train both boys and girls to have faith in God and Jesus Christ as Saviour, to be disciplined and sober workers, obliging, honest, open, respectful and free.


We have along way to go to reach our goals. We need to
rebuild more than 80% of our schools in farming communities. Check our  SCHOOLS
- build
toilet blocks , many rural schools have no toilets for students or teachers
- secure finance to plan essential rebuilding projects

- provide each student with a notebook and pencil

- provide teachers with a staffroom for lesson preparation

-provide sports equipment, balls, soccer balls and boots

Top left: Grade 4 class at rural Eribuzo Primary School - no books, no pens, 1 small teacher's chalkboard

Left:Class at urban Kisanga Primary School displaying maths textbooks donated by a Belgian company

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