My Day by Henri

I am in Year 4 at Kisanga Primary School in Katanga Province.

My day started at 6am I walked 5 kms to school, there are no school buses. That's me in my jacket with the hood arriving for the start of school at 7:20am.

Today we studied French,Swahili and Mathematics. Here I am doing a maths problem on the blackboard for my teacher Mde Ngombe. We each work the answer on the board as we don't have our own notebooks.

My sister, Maroza, gets a drink before school from the only tap at our school We finish school at 12:30pm. Other students are arriving for afternoon school. They start at 12:45 and finish at 5:30pm.


  I have jobs to do this afternoon, I have to go fishing for my mother, for dinner. Then I have to find some manioc and dig it up for mother to cook.  Maroza will collect firewood for mother.

What is MANIOC?

Check Wikipedia HERE

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